Daddy Bear is acting very strangely and his children are confused and scared.

Mental illness is difficult to explain to children as it is not visible. Sometimes people find it hard to talk about. This book will help children understand that Bipolar Disorder is manageable with medical care and the support of family and friends. With help, people with Bipolar Disorder can lead normal, happy lives.

Bipolar Bears - A storybook for children who have a mum or dad with Bipolar Disorder

This beautifully illustrated children´s book, finished in watercolour provides wonderful pictures aimed at children from 5 years old. The book follows the story of Daddy Bear and his family as he has a Bipolar episode. His children are dragged along on his rollercoaster ride where he starts many activities-but before they are finished, he moves onto the next. The book explains what can happen during a manic episode and then how a doctor and rest can help calm Daddy Bear's very busy brain.

This wonderful story helps children understand the behaviours associated with Bipolar Disorder.

Bipolar Bears is a 24 page, A4 paperback book.
Available to purchase at $15 plus postage.
ISBN: 978-0-646-56213-1